Curiosity Killed the Cat

Oh Medellin. In the very beginning, you made me feel like an outsider, your taxi drivers intimidated me and I felt bored with your food. Of course there were growing pains such as learning the language, adjusting to a new job and most importantly discovering your secrets. Little did I know that I would soon regret my own curiosity, because my own life became the drama I yearned to understand.


I for one, am a sucker for a good secret. I love knowing people or things a little bit more than the next person. I’m not sure if it is because it makes me feel smarter or maybe more liked, but I just love to soak up knowledge and stories. I have always been naturally curious, sometimes in the annoying always raising my hand at the front of class kind of way, but usually in a stealth fly on the wall trying to absorb all of the body language and whispers kind of way.


While at home, on the side of Barrio Salvador, our balcony overlooks a fascinating side street that seems to always have something going on. The kids are rolling down the hill on the toy of the month, either screaming or encouraging each other. The queen bees of the neighborhood are congregated in tight circles discussing the past weekends drama, possibly deciding things that affect us all. Or the time an extremely disgruntled father walked his teenage boy up the street, around 1 am, screaming profanities at him and from what I could see spanking him quite hard. All the woman came to their balconies that night asking, “hermano, que hiciste?!” And my favorite daily occurrence: a couple of teenage boys attempting to wake their friend from whatever he may be doing to go play in the local soccer league….Esteeee-baaannn…

The reason why I can’t work from home is not because of the noise, but because I am constantly running to the balcony to see what is going on. IMG_0137

One of my best traits are my listening skills. However, I tend to get myself in trouble because I romanticize everything. I make and take everything personally. This makes goodbyes or see you laters difficult for me, because it really does hurt to leave something you love. I’m afraid people will forget about me or maybe even I will forget about them…

Next Monday, I will be on a flight returning to New York. I cannot even put in words how excited I am to have certain foods, see my family and party with amigos, but there is a little part of me that feels like the 5 weeks away from Medellin will be too long.


I know I will miss Medellin while I am away for those 5 weeks, but I also know that I will thoroughly enjoy being in my natural habitat of driving, iced coffees and being surrounded by those who understand me and I them (in more ways than one).

What is making this easier, is the fact that I am now no longer curious about the drama on the streets. I know what it is about. My life is part of the drama on the streets. More to come next time.


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