7 Spontaneous Things Every Wandlerlust Soul Desires

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Flickr / Moyan BrennFlickr / Moyan Brenn

Wanderlust is defined as a strong impulse or desire to travel and explore the world. People who have wanderlust consistently choose the off-beaten path and strive to fill their lives with adventures and stories from abroad. So when you come across one, know that these are some of the things that wanderlust souls desire:

1. A place to call home for a couple days…or weeks…or months….or years.

As long as they are traveling and exploring, they are happy. Wanderlust souls don’t have to travel for a significantly long period of time. They just seek to find joy and solace in the place that they

2. An urge to leave a memento or keepsake to signify that they were there.

In every place they go to, they leave a piece of themselves there. It’s a piece that will remind themselves of the fact that they had these…

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