Colombia es lo mejor

IMG_6245This eternally long bus ride was equally as hot as the first, almost melting my sneakers and boiling my bottled water. I swear. As soon as I got off the bus, I went straight to the airport in hopes of wifi and a hot breakfast. La Paz international airport actually delivered in this regard! I was able to skype call DaVinci and my mom to alert them that I was still alive! It felt so good to be connected again and felt even better to tell them about the amazing trip I had just gone on.
IMG_6769_2IMG_6804_2Now I face the awkward couple of interim days that prevent me from sleeping in my own bed and dun, dun, dun…facing the responsibilities of life, lurking in the shadows. I should remind myself the next time to just get home. Don’t drag it out. You went on vacation so now you’re done.
 IMG_6814_2 IMG_6812
I make the most out of these interim days. Showering. Finally showering. Accomplishing one touristy thing while in Lima-a walking tour. Followed by the most amazing goodbye and thank you lunch Saturday before the airport. Now I know what all the fuss is with Peruvian food. Ceviche is literally the most delicious combination of flavors and ingredients. Also, they have sweet potatoes! Heaven sent.
Arriving in Bogota, I quickly fell asleep after Sarah shoo’ed a bat size moth/butterfly out of her apartment. And even quicker than that I was off and running Sunday morning, backpack in tow! Two lovely coffee dates (one with a former work friend and the other with a former Hamilton College professor!) kept me from being too anxious about getting back to Medellin.
sunset flores
Perfectly timed, my taxi driver Gonzalo rolls up for me and we chat about my travels and how much I pay for rent. Ya know, normal taxi driver conversation things. After I set up the flowers I bought on the way home from Rionegro, I help myself to a big glass of wine on my balcony. Thankfully, the next day is a holiday and I am able to rest more, attempting to get over a cold. Soon enough, Semana Santa arrives and I have the whole week off to finish this damn thesis.
Wrapping up the year, I think about how much of a struggle it has been. Switching jobs half way through the year, changing my thesis paper topic about 4 times before starting to write, being unemployed for 3 long god forsaken weeks, having diarrhea on the Peru Railways (literally on the railroad, not on a train), traveling through bare minimum South American destinations, and now dealing with trying to graduate while working full-time, practically for free. The Sex and the City clip comes to my mind where Charlotte is explaining to Carrie sees so many bad things happening to her friends that she doesn’t want anything bad to happen to her how, which is why she is scared to run while pregnant. Carrie replies ‘Ya shit your pants this year, maybe you’re done.’


I find myself thinking similarly to Charlotte. I catch myself happy and doubt myself or get nervous something bad will happen. It is that time of my life where everything is about criticism. Feedback on the thesis. Job applications. Explaining why you have chosen your next move in life, whether that be geographically, romantically, professionally or financially. We are so vulnerable to all of these judgments. All I know is I have to trust my gut and now more than ever is the time to follow my heart. I have learned too much these past few years to deny that.


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