Ciao Lima!

Off I go to Bolivia! I’m actually glad to be leaving Lima. There is too much pressure to like it and I don’t understand a city who is located on the ocean, but doesn’t have beaches. I just don’t get it. My flight is delayed, while we are on the runway, which is the worst. Then the annoying one hour difference. Then the traveling alone part. All of these misfortunes, culminated into me just missing DaVinci. And Colombia…who would have thought…
I get to the hotel in La Paz safely and manage to successfully find a tour agency to book the Salt Flats tour tickets for Sarah and I (3 days $172 per person-meals, transport, lodging, guide). The rest of my night is made up of weird snacks indulgences like cheese, bread and french fries, all accompanied by the saddest teeny bopper movie ever:  The Fault in Our Stars, dragging me deeper into my I miss DaVinci emotional state. To top it off, I have crazy, wild, all too real dreams, which I am blaming on the altitude and not my general anxiety about life. Sarah arrives swiftly at 2 am and of course manages to wake before I do. We fill our day with all the tourist activities LaPaz has to offer. The witches market, the San Fernando Plaza, and the cable cars (Medellin still has the best). You would think La Paz would have fresher air because it is so high up, but man oh man is it kind of dusty and smokey here. Exploring all La Paz had to offer was a success and before we knew it we were settling in on our night bus.
Traveling this much through South America has made me think more thoughtfully about Colombia and my life there, I actually miss Medellin. Shocking, I know. I miss arepas and most of all DaVinci, I love our life together, I love my routine there, I love my new job. I honestly can’t wait to get back. Two 13 hour night buses and three flights stand between myself and DaVinci: my Medellin.

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