I’m too old for this.

IMG_5690_2The train ride back to Cuzco was absolutely breathtaking, I wouldn’t even be able to sleep if I wanted to because it was so beautiful. Every turn and stretch was filled with wild flowers, roaring creeks, and humongous mountains. We were in first class and were fed an odd array of snacks (honey roasted peanuts, ochuva’s and garlic mushroom pizza) and offered an alpaca products fashion show. Our next stop, Cuzco, was really wonderful and we both wished we had more time there. In search of a meal called, pachamanca, google told us one of the top rated trip advisor restaurants was closed, but indeed it was not. However, the pachamanca meal is only available a day in advance for a minimum of 20 people. It’s basically every food imaginable cooked in the ground or something. The day we departed, we went to see more ruins and the chocolate museum! Cuzco is a romantic city filled with cute corners and cozy tucked away restaurants. I really enjoyed being there.
IMG_5877 IMG_5770 IMG_5907_2 IMG_5906
DaVinci and I returned to Lima so he could catch his flight back to Colombia for stereo picnic (Only the best ever music festival to happen in Colombia, super jelly) and I stayed back to meet my friend Sarah to experience Lima and move on to the salt flats. Sucks for Lima that I felt so sick and tired after Machu Picchu. All I wanted to do was lay down and eat bread. On the contrary, I was with youngin’s who wanted to party hardy all night. I just wasn’t haven’t it. My stomach was sensitive, the music was terrible and the crowds weren’t great. Oh and the fact that they kept telling me to act like “that gringa girl saying woo all night” was not helping. They kept me out until 430 and I was not a pleasant person. I really need to start getting used to being the oldest gal in the group.
IMG_6015 IMG_6042_2 IMG_6049_2
Considering the circumstances, I managed to have the most low budget, low profile weekend in Lima possible. Thank god. Now to prepare myself for Bolivia.

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