Wonders of the world & the body

What can I say about Machu Picchu?! It is probably the most expensive but worthwhile trip that so many backpackers go on. It’s a little off putting when you get closer and closer realizing how expensive the whole ordeal is going to be. I started doubting its immense beauty.
The Peru Rail is the most expensive train ride in the world based on distance. For two people, return tickets, $284…and we still had the entry ticket to Machu Picchu to purchase! DaVinci would get a discount because he is an awesome Colombian, but as a U.S. Citizen, I find I have to pay max for everything.
Luckily, the trip was amazing. Worth every Peruvian Sole. The towns we passed through were exactly what you imagine quaint South American cities to be like. Cobblestone roads, brightly covered fabrics, smiling children, playful puppies. Ollantaytambo and Aguas Calientes had it all. I really fell in love with their charm. Plus traveling with DaVinci, this time internationally, was just awesome. We get along really well and compliment each other in all the necessary ways when traveling. I find myself daydreaming about our time together at one of the wonders of the world and just smiling ear to ear.
Then came Lima, the city for meat lovers and 19 year olds. Here, the only tourist attraction boasted about is the food, which speaks to many things. In total while I was in Lima, I ate Italian, Lebanese, Chinese and … And none of it was mind blowing in the sense that it should since you are supposed to be known for your culinary arts. Relatively speaking, in terms of Latin America, sure, yes, the place knows flavors a little more. What really limited me from enjoying the food was probably the fact that my stomach gave in to the dreaded warnings of being in Peru as soon as we left Machu Picchu… While we were walking on the railroad tracks.
Let me back up a bit. The day after our tour of the amazing Incan ruins, our train didn’t leave until 3 in the afternoon, so we tried to venture out for one of the best reviewed restaurants on trip advisor. The catch was, it wasn’t exactly in Aquas Calientes. It was located on the railroad tracks a bit down, but no one knew how far. So off we went in search of Mama Angelica’s.

30 minutes in, after going through two very dark and wet train tunnels, in a dress and my Steve Madden sandals, we came across a local man we were able to ask about Mama Angelica’s. He said there was a restaurant at the botanical garden, which was still another 30 minutes, and nothing else other than that. So DaVinci promised we would only go the 30 min and if nothing, we would head back. So we get to the botanical garden, and I’m feeling defeated, but as we approach the front desk, I see the sign for Mama Angelica’s in the back screened in room!

The boy informed us we couldn’t have lunch for another hour, which gave us just enough time to start our walk back and he also encouraged us to visit the garden in the meantime for an additional fee. We obliged, but once I entered the garden, I immediately felt regret. It was a light walk through the forest and I was still in a dress and my Steve Madden sandals. I know, I’m a princess, but we had a long day ahead of us and general body comfort would help in the scheme of things.
me and ramboIMG_5655_2
I trudged on, brattily, stomping on DaVinci’s dreams of finding the top of the GD waterfall. He managed to access a small section of it and cooled off by dunking his head. We probably only did about half he trail, and turned around because it was time to have lunch anyway.
Best meal of Peru. Hands down, worth the railroad trek, botanical garden huffing and puffing and the commencement of diarrhea on the walk back while on the railroad tracks…

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