So it’s just going to get hotter?

The drive to the desert is just too far, so we decide to stop in Girardot, a frequent weekend destination for Bogotans.IMG_3789

Weather has been absolutely perfect. No rain. Not too hot. Not too cold. Traffic has been manageable and there have been no problems so far. I actually enjoy driving here. Everyone passes at inopportune times and goes far beyond the speed limit. The army is stationed everywhere along the road, where soldiers give you a thumbs up to assure you the roads are safe and cleared of guerilla forces.IMG_3768_2 IMG_3770_2

On our way to Bogota’s paradise, I try to search for good places to stay on my Trip Advisor app, but the service is so shotty that we wait until we get into town. Prices are obviously a little inflated here at a whopping $80 a night for the nicest room, but we decide not to stay in the city center because it’s a bit too noisy and the pools are swarming with children. Conveniently enough there is a polite young man working on the streets, with all the hotel resources and kindly escorts us to a nice resort a little outside town that is much more tranquilo (calm) for us.

And he wasn’t kidding! The place is gorgeous. IMG_3760_2Mirage hotel has invested in plenty of flora and fauna as well as the beautifully blue pool. I needed the pool. It was just so damn humid: 34 Celsius or 93 Fahrenheit. I haven’t felt this kind of heat since Thailand! We immediately went for a dip and researched places to eat. However, while we were getting ready, DaVinci calmly told me to wait a second, grabbed a towel and started to move towards me in the bathroom… I didn’t have much time to think, but when I turned around, I was introduced to one of the largest cockroaches I had ever seen. After DaVinci, freed it outside of our room he informed me I didn’t get to see it’s best feature; her flying abilities, which she did behind me quite a few times before he could catch her. Her!!!

So off we went to dinner, to the number 3 restaurant on trip advisor: El Caseron. My rules in Colombia are usually just go where the Colombians are. This place had two groups of elderly folks eating…but there was a mysterious romantic table set up with lots of hearts and decorations, so we decided to stay for the mystery and for the reviews.

Our waiter spent the entire night trying to secure the damn heart balloon to the seat. Once the couple did arrive, the girl was so clearly annoyed and upset with her boyfriend, it was like we had our own soap opera show! Laughter ensued not only because of the predictable couple’s argument but also because of our old people tastes to go to bed early and eat at restaurants with only old people. We are forever veijito’s (cute old people).

Arriving back to our room, I was greeted again by the cockroach! I am convinced she was trying to get back in to take care of kin or something. I insisted on DaVinci terminating her…

The next morning, it was just too hot to even think about getting into the pool and then hitting the road, so we just packed up and got on our way to the desert. Stopping to have breakfast along the way, I expected my normal eggs and arepa, but nooooo. Apparently, this region likes to eat a meaty soup for breakfast. So I obliged and it was quite good!

IMG_3784_2 IMG_3786

IMG_3787 IMG_3763_2

As we drove through the mainly flat lands, the temperature just kept increasing and things started to seem drier and drier.IMG_3791 IMG_3800_2We have reached the desert. Luckily, the nearest town to the desert has about one road and one hotel, which I made a deposit to, and we checked in to the Hotel Villa Paraiso. A room with a fan, for $18. Clean and simple for just one night. Since we arrived before noon, we were able to take advantage of the day so we went straight to the desert.

I was pleasantly surprised by how cool (status not temperature) Tatacoa was. We perused through by car, getting out for pictures and even found a pool! We stayed in the pool for a couple hours until the temperature cooled off and we could watch the sunset. There was an Astrology talk in the evening, but of course it looked like a mess and didn’t ever really happen. We ended the night relaxing in hammocks and laughing about all our trip so far. Both of us learning far more about each other’s culture and language than we ever thought possible.

IMG_3804 IMG_3820_2 IMG_3853

IMG_3840 IMG_3831_2 IMG_3835_2

These cows were graciously guarding the jetta, but I was convinced that weren’t going to let us pass. And the chicken, has such cute little feather slippers on!

IMG_3846  IMG_3867_2


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