I know I have been distant with far less updates than usual, but have no fear. Life in Medellin is both a combination of routine and hilarious… always.

I survived December 1, the night in which the entire city celebrates a month of holidays and vacation. Sunday night, November 30, there was a constant stream of fireworks, firecrackers and what one might guess are gunshots. The night made me understand why fireworks are illegal in some states.

I still have yet to pronounce my new neighborhood correctly so that a taxi driver can understand at first attempt.

I managed to bargain my first purchase ever. It was about $3 off an arrangement of flowers.

I successfully replaced the lenses of my Chanel glasses to have the most up to date prescription. However, I can never get them 100% clean. They seem to have forever streaks…

Unfortunately, I have yet to try the best chicken wings in Salvador that DaVinci recommended to me. Maybe this weekend.

DaVinci and I are doing surprisingly well considered we only spent about two months together before he left for Peru and Venezuela for 6 weeks. We google hangout everyday and I’m still loving living in his space. It has honestly brought us closer.

Even though we are closer and loving him feels extremely natural, I have to remind myself to be realistic about my life. About our lives. His job is international and so is mine. I swear, I will never escape long distance and begin to think I’m not supposed to.

Maybe it’s more about finding someone who is made for long distance as well; someone who understands and supports, because they expect the same for their life. That still doesn’t comfort me or deny the fact that I still want a partner in crime to share all aspects of my life with. I was never good at sharing, which is why I think I am so stubborn with compromise, forever condemning me to long distance and/or independence.

Either way, DaVinci returns in less than a week and I’m thrilled. When we are together again, I will soak up all the attention, love and time we have together until we are separated again. My life is perpetually made of countdowns.


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