What is the hardest trivia question you have ever heard?

The week feels unbearably long. I am so distracted at work. I am staying up later than normal to skype with DaVinci. And I think that my anxiety is detracting from my quality of sleep. Dreams of missing my train while in Peru or getting off at the wrong bus stop in whatever other nondescript location are getting to me, most likely symbolizing some larger anxieties.

In the past two weeks, I have booked flights to Peru, San Andres and scoured over apartment options in Bogota. So many life changes, but the only life change I want is DaVinci by my side. I’m trying to focus on Spanish studies, doing my job well and exploring Medellin things recommended by DaVinci.

Even though the week feels disgustingly long, it’s actually quite action packed. Tuesday trivia night with new friends and co-workers: hardest questions:

  1. What is the second most popular sport in the world, taking count of fans, players and countries involved?
  2. What is the only existing flag with a gun on it?
  3. What is India known as within the country?

Thursday night Spanish lesson at my favorite pizza place and Friday night meetup turned into amazingly delicious dinner with just my friends!

However, Saturday is my main event. I walk to the glasses store, by myself (gasp) and grab some groceries. I venture out in my normal weekend clothes and it’s quite sunny, so I’m wearing shorts. The catcalls persist all day, with only one being super aggressive, referencing my puta…

As I walk down the street I am cognizant of everyone’s looks. I know some of them can see who I truly am, a gringa. But then others don’t look twice. It’s all a mix, but per usual I don’t do anything to attract attention to myself. On my way downtown, I was coincidentally walking alongside the cutest old man. He promptly says something snippy to me about if I want to walk ahead of him or not, but I quickly recover with my remarkably cute broken Spanish. We end up chatting about the U.S. and surprisingly enough he has visited before! He gives me kisses on the hand and compliments as we part ways.

The rest of my errands go swimmingly and I am very proud of myself as I return home. I can now call this weekend productive. DaVinci would be proud.


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