Thanks. (Out of sequence, but super appropriate this Monday)

This Thanksgiving was an odd holiday, spent with new friends. I won’t downplay this: This past year has been hard. But here I am, still happy and pretty damn lucky. Here are my thanks for the important constants in my life.

I am thankful for:

My mother. My number one guiding light and for all that she taught me about life & love.

My grandmother who is still in good health at age 91. She taught me to have an opinion and to stand up for what I believe in.

Being loved.

For my friends, who constantly remind me of who I am.

My life in the international development sector, that I chose.

For being patient and willing enough to search for true happiness. I know now that it is not an end all-be-all for me, but rather filling my heart all the way at every moment I get.

Things happening for a reason and being proven time after time, that my professional and personal ambitions have never betrayed me.

Resilience to get through all the other shit that distracts me from these things.

IMG_9826 IMG_0023 IMG_0357 IMG_0346


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