What to do with a 3 day weekend?

There is no better feeling for me other than waking up (relatively) early, opening all of the windows wide, wrapping myself up in my blankie, sitting on my porch drinking coffee and enjoying my view of Medellin.

My porch <3
My porch ❤
I swear, I can make a mean breakfast sandwich anywhere in life.
I swear, I can make a mean breakfast sandwich anywhere in life.

I’m feeling super accomplished because I finished a huge work assignment last night, but then treated myself to a night out with the MeetUp group for practicing English (so I could meet other non-gringo’s) at Bogota Beer Company and spent oodles of money. Budget Marie. Save for traveling!

Saturday is my day for exploring. I bring up all of the addresses and maps Davinci sent me and begin the descent down the hill. The sun is out and there are plenty of people out and shops open.

Easily enough, I begin to start seeing all the things DaVinci described to me. He never fails to deliver 😉 I find the atm, the pharmacy and the grocery store, which is a little harder than I thought. I even wander down to the big plaza full of flowers and meat.


Saturday evening consists of plenty of Mexican tequila and asado. I get nice and liquored up before going home early to crawl in DaVinci’s bed, sans DaVinci. I guess I’m just practicing for when he returns.


Sunday starts slow with lots of internet catching up, a glitchy google hangout with only half of the RSVP’s-you know who you are-and heading to Spanish class. This week, I discover I am able to communicate the route I would like to take by taxi because of ciclovia blocking the main road.

The rest of my day is bliss. Cleaning and rearranging things. Eating ice cream and watching bad movies. I get plenty of rest and sleep for Monday’s holiday day off, which I thought would be uneventful!

I end up spending Monday running a few errands (successfully!) and heading to lunch with my Spanish teacher’s family. She is honestly one of the few people I am really close with here. Not only is she super genuine and passionate about teaching, but I really do consider her a friend. I share all of the awkward details of my life with her and ask her all of the uncomfortable questions. She doesn’t push Colombia or Medellin on me and she is quite realistic about my opinions, never taking anything too sensitively.


My belly is filled with the traditional soup, Mondongo’s, which includes absolutely all parts of a pig or cow, no one seems to know, and we are off to the mall for new apartment shopping! The day turns into a full tour of Tesoro, one of the largest and nicest malls here. Banana Republic. The Gap. Express. Zara. Zara Home! I had only gone once before, when I first arrived, but somehow only managed to see one floor at the time…


Of course, my teacher and her husband insist on bringing me home. I agree, but only if they also agree to not judge or worry about me. I am comfortable in my new home and my new neighborhood. They drop me and I only feel like 10% hesitation and worry, but she texts me later in the night to reassure me she isn’t worried about me. I finally feel like someone here understands and appreciates my happiness!

Monday night of the long weekend finishes with a skype call with my love. Smiles the entire hour. Stories of sympathy and pleasure are shared. Reminiscing. Counting down. Everything is perfect. 32 more days to go.


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