Living in the hood.

My week is long. I have discovered a new application for my phone that allows you to countdown to important events and customize it with cute pictures and all that. It doesn’t seem to help though. I decide to take the badge counter off to make me forget how long it will be until I can hug DaVinci.

Countdown Star!
Countdown Star!

Monday night I take the bus home and it is far different from my leisurely Sunday stroll. It is standing room only. I have a sweatstache. And I can only see the sidewalks to identify where I am. However, it all goes off without a hitch and I make it home and to the little market just fine. No peligroso.

Tuesday is a long day with Spanish ahead of me and knowing that I will have to taxi right at the peak of pico y placa is just dreadful. I go to Exito after class to pick up wine for the girls night I have planned for Wednesday and hop in a cab.

The youth driving me doesn’t seem to understand me when I say Salvador, so whatever, we make it to my hill, but traffic is so bad I tell him to go the other way. As we approach my barrio he can’t seem to believe I live there and tells me it’s too dangerous. I smile and tell him politely noooooo.

I’m tired and I still have to cook the rest of this damn gourd for girls night. Plus tidy up. I love my new apartment and am so excited to share it with my friends, but of course I am nervous. People must be so skeptical of DaVinci and I. We have only known each other a month. I am already living in his place. I guess it’s just one of those things, where you just know.

IMG_2432                IMG_2386                 IMG_2444

Girl’s night is really nice. A lot of wine. Tons of yummy soup. And lots of laughs.


I wake up a little hungover, but discovering extra money in my bank account rejuvenates my spirits and gets me excited for my next vacation to break up the month that DaVinci is gone. Bogota at the end of the month to scope out apartments and hopefully San Andres for the long weekend in early December!

It’s now Friday and I am working partly from home then heading to a coffee shop to meet the others to work from civilization today. I’m hoping to stay distracted and productive this holiday weekend to make the time go by faster.


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