Starting Over :)

Sunday morning I wake naturally around 8 despite DaVinci’s 6 am morning texts, which I love. He has the most on point internal clock I have ever witnessed. I make a boatload of coffee and settle in to skype with my mom and a couple best friends 🙂 I proudly give them the skype tour of my new space and they are super supportive and encouraging about my life right now. I am still in the honeymoon phase and let me tell you, it’s blissful.

Spanish lessons are per usual except I am late because of ciclovia narrowing the amount of traffic passing through. After class, I go back to HomeCenter for the over the budget pillows that I desperately need for my sanity and skin.


I decide to use the afternoon to try out my new bus line. I study the map several times on the metro to be sure I exit and walk in the right direction. Who knew that there were actually thought out maps for all the bus routes in Medellin?! Amazing. The bus stop is only about 2 blocks away from the metro and it is easy to spot my bus: Big and blue with SALVADOR written in the largest font possible.

I recognize most of the route because of DaVinci showing me around. It brings me good memories and makes me feel comfortable, rather than sad. I know he will be back and maybe I will even be showing him my favorite things at that point.

Considering I still have this huge ahuyama from our Halloween escapades, I rationalize that it is probably not that smart to go grocery shopping. I have food. Plenty of it. I dive into the hacking up of this huge gourd and put on Finding Forrester, a dvd my mom sent me for my birthday 🙂 So random, I know.

It’s so nice to just be here in DaVinci’s home. It feels more and more like mine and it seems like he is pleased with that. I store some soup in the freezer for his return and try to go to bed early.

41 days left.



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