Happy Sad. That’s a thing, right?

My Colombian morning's without my Colombian.
My Colombian morning’s without my Colombian.

Saturday morning I wake up happy sad. That’s my new feeling now. Thankfully, DaVinci still has wifi and we can talk easily enough. I mobilize and start the journey to San Lucas to collect my things and talk with my Medellin mother. It takes me a good 30 minutes or more to go less than 10 miles. #tgod I don’t have to deal with this one way trap anymore.

I walk into the apartment and silence, not even the maid. This probably means she is away this weekend. Great…Now I will definitely have to send a note. I was really hoping to talk with her in person to be sure everything was ok with my decision.

Packing is going well. I’m watching the E! True Hollywood Story on Kendra Wilkenson, one of the Playmate girls and everything I brought and accumulated is fitting in my 3 suitcases! My friend Sarah arrives to help with everything.

It looks like the skies are about to open and cry, so we head to BodyTech to cancel my membership there while we can. Of course as soon as we walk in it starts pouring and we know we will have to wait it out. Cancellation takes about 1/64th the time signing up did so we have plenty of time to sit, get coffee and a snack and watch some of the soccer match on tv.

Eventually, I convince her she won’t melt if we walk back in the slight shower that is still happening. We hustle back, still in one piece, and as I am packing the last few items left, we hear the door open. My Medellin mom is home.

The conversation goes exceptionally well and she is super happy for me. We agree to still keep in touch and I will come over for lunch. Sarah and I head out to make the trek back to my new place. It again takes an eternity because of this freaking road. We drop my stuff off and I think I have Sarah’s approval of my new barrio.

All of my luggage in the front seat of the taxi!
All of my luggage in the front seat of the taxi!


Next stop is HomeCenter, Medellin’s version of Lowe’s. I have a few essential items I would like to purchase for my nesting routine: new curtains, some hardware to decorate and then of course some Christmas lights since it is the season! I spend way too much time contemplating new comforters and air fresheners. I leave within my budget and excited to get settled in.

Trying to stay within budget!
Trying to stay within budget!

The rest of the night I spend unpacking and nesting. I need to feel comfortable here alone. I think that I am, but I don’t want to avoid dealing with the feeling. I want to welcome it and move on. DaVinci has given me six tasks to do while he is gone for six weeks and I am just trying to get in the mindset of starting this whole “getting to know Medellin” thing over again.


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