The last few days DaVinci has in Medellin are spent running around for last minute errands, working late to wrap up loose ends and of course a final meal of stuffed arepa’s. I’m trying not to think about him really being gone and my plans to be in his apartment help with the shock of it all.

Last minute stops.
Last minute stops.
My favorite! Stuffed arepa.
My favorite! Stuffed arepa.

Thursday morning he surprises me at work while I am downstairs buying a morning juice. He had just finished up with the local university, which is located right across from my building and decided to stop by to see if I was free! Everything between us has been so lucky and coincidental. It’s amazing. This is what fate feels like.

Sarah left this treat on my desk to anticipate my sadness. So sweet.
Sarah left this treat on my desk to anticipate my sadness. So sweet.

Friday I leave early to meet him for lunch and to send him off. It’s all so bittersweet. The sun is shining, which has been a rarity lately. We order Chinese in. I order an egg roll this time. Before I know it, his taxi is here and the tears start streaming.

I know it’s not goodbye because I’m staying in his apartment for god’s sake. Oh and we booked tickets to go to Machu Pichu together in March once my contract is up. We talk about him visiting Bogota. We talk about him visiting the U.S. Nothing is left unsaid, which I am grateful for.

This view is my price for his absence.

I haven’t felt this infatuated since my first love, but this is so much more different. It is so real. It’s super honest. There are no fairytale stories to aspire to or daydreaming happening, because we are living it already. Everything is perfect.

He’s gone. I force myself to go to a work dinner in the city center. Apparently, the best pizza in town…

Pizzeria de Centro. Eating ALL of my feelings.

Being in DaVinci’s apartment makes me feel both parts anxious and ecstatic at the same time. I still feel lucky even though life is telling me I need to be separated from this man for the next 6 weeks. Maybe it’s a test for me to get to know Medellin on my own and not have him influencing my opinion. He showed me what was good and gave me the inspiration. Now it’s up to me.


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