DaVinci sends me a taxi instead of me taking a shared cab ride so that we can have one more additional hour together. He has wine, chocolate and strawberries sitting out for me. We chat and then head out to explore on the motorbike since he still has a lot to show me before we don’t have Medellin together anymore.

First stop, a sketchy park with brass statues where everyone hangs out to play music, smoke and drink. We grab a beer and I fill him in on Bogota. Next stop is finding food. Most good things are closed up for the Monday holiday, but we settle in at a Tex-Mex restaurant that is about to close. I feel so in love that I am soaking up every minute.

I return from the bathroom and DaVinci approaches the topic of my comfort at home and begins to ask me something in kind of a serious manner. He wants to know if I want to move into his place while he is gone.

Also, a little more context, DaVinci will be gone for six weeks, which isn’t terrible, it’s just bad timing. The cherry on top is that the latter five weeks will be in Venezuela, which is not a safe place for moi. Not only because I speak elementary Spanish, but because I am from the U.S. of A. He will also be off the grid for most of it too. Only wifi at the hotel at night.

We go back to have wine on the porch and I feel like I have so much to think about. I spent approximately 2 days researching Venezuela, before ruling it out. Then the apartment move question. Then! As I talk out loud about my holiday plans and how to strategize seeing him before Bogota, he offers to either stay back in Medellin with me for Christmas or for me to go with him to his home for Christmas! Can you stand it?!

All I know is I am head over heels and extremely happy. Anything I do with this man will be good. He cares for my well-being and is genuinely good inside. Four more nights is all we have, so I better not fill the air with worry.


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