It’s Friday! AND I’m at Starbucks!

Drinking really good Colombian coffee! This feels so normal and nice. I really love the hustle and bustle of people, the white noise of everyone talking and the coffee machines humming. The whole time I am worried about leaving my belongings to go to the bathroom because Bogota is allegedly SO dangerous, but when I go over to where my friend was sitting to grab her charger, the others at the communal table confront me about taking her stuff! It was reassuring and awkward at the same time…

We go to a cheap but shitty hamburger joint for lunch and head to a new location on my Bogota list, the Apache Rooftop Bar where the wifi only works when there are 7 people or less on the network. I enjoyed my own homemade iced coffee along with some coconut pie and we decide to head home for the afternoon since Apache wasn’t great for wireless or electricity.


My friends’ house is swanky. I would have expected nothing less. I try to keep my things orderly and clean so as not to offend anyone. We work for a few more hours then rest a little before mobilizing for HALLOWEEN night.

I successfully draw on my “day of the dead” makeup by following an Internet picture, then do my friends’ Effie (from the hunger games) makeup. We rush out the door to go to dinner with her uncle to a fancy Italian place. The pizza is delicioso, the wine is scrumptious and the ravioli melts in your mouth (probably because the meat inside was apparently cow’s tail… Found that out after the fact).


We are the only ones in costume at the restaurant among the elite of Bogota. But what do I care, I already stand out! The walk to Zone T begins, crowded already, and the weather is perfect. The entire night I am shocked by the amount of effort put into costumes. Scared actually. We join DaVinci’s friends, friends of friends, new friends and end up at a cute little half outdoor club where a mainstream DJ trades off songs with another DJ playing traditional Colombian music with Electronica.

 IMG_2197IMG_2141 IMG_2136

We dance the night away until 4 am and stumble into the house giggling.

I wake up late Saturday morning and then sleep later. It feels awesome. However, once I do wake up I realize there is a blah tone to the day because of the lack of sleep. Ok, we can get through this. We head downtown for lunch and museum touring. Compromising on our time, I do the Gold Museum solo since my friend has already done it multiple times. The exhibit was gorgeous and the representation of the city inside the museum was great too. Nationals and Foreigners alike.


Then, the black cloud rolls through. A text from DaVinci with the worst news this year, ok maybe not year, but like comparatively pretty bad. He is leaving Friday and not returning to Medellin until December 20th for work. I leave for NY on December 19th and move straight to Bogota after that. Tragic.

My world feels like it has been pulled out from under me. I just started feeling like I had my bearings straight. I just started feeling like I was learning about the redeeming qualities about Medellin and Colombia. He was showing me things. And telling me things. And I was showing and telling him things. This piece of news just made me feel like giving up.

I spend the rest of the day crying and serial watching Revenge. At this point I am just counting down until I can get back to Medellin.


Sunday I wake up early, message some apartments in Bogota about the move, and we head to yoga in the park. I am so happy the sun is shining and I even get a little sunburn 🙂 We enjoy breakfast at the popular café, illy, with some other friends and I am eager to pamper myself as my emotional fix.

IMG_2275 IMG_2272 IMG_2265

I end up spending $200 USD at Zara and immediately felt better. Only a few more hours until my flight leaves. Bogota is has been amazing, I really like you and can’t wait to get to know you more, but I need to get back to my man.


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