I need to do more research about culture shock

So many feels this week and I let them build up without dealing with them. I love torturing myself apparently.

As you all know life is great now that I have DaVinci. And I don’t mean to seem like one of those girls that depends on a man for happiness, but damn it feels good to have him around. No but honestly, it’s more about being able to laugh with someone, share things with someone and experience new adventures together.

Work is work. Again, not the time nor place to discuss. I am looking forward to discovering Bogota at the end of the week and welcoming new culture into my life. I over pack a borrowed backpack from DaVinci, praying none of the zippers break. My friend and I are promptly picked up by Gonzalo (the new gringo taxi driver) at noon and traffic is so bad, we begin weaving in and out of small and tall streets. I feel as though I will never get to Bogota at this rate.

After successfully getting the print boarding pass fee waived, cash out of the atm and finding my gate, I settle in until the wave of Colombians begin to rush the door since there is no queue order, at all. Of course they don’t know if the flight will be leaving out of gate 1 or gate 1A. The board at the gate has a completely different airline listed along with a departure time 2 hours later than expected. Oh and everyone in line with me has a boarding time of 5 minutes earlier than me.


We have been standing in line for about 17 minutes with no movement. It is now the time of what I thought should have been the departure. An elderly woman approaches me because I am towards the front (good for me) and asks “que pasa” and I awkwardly and incorrectly say “A Bogota.” What I should have really said was “no se…” We both have frustrated looks because she is really asking me what is happening, why is it taking so long. Yes, these are the problems of looking like a Colombiana, but truly being 100% gringa.



As we are walking through the airplane parking lot, a storm starts to whip through. Fun. I didn’t realize thunder could sound so loud while inside a plane. It totally can. Thankfully (I think) we sat there for more than 30 minutes until the storm had more than moved through. The flight landed in Bogota probably an hour later than scheduled…I had proper instructions on how to get a safe taxi and how much it should cost, but at this point, I just want to run to DaVinci I miss him so badly.


Driving through the city is awesome. Totally different than Medellin. Traffic isn’t terrible, the weather is fine and I am enjoying all the young people actually dressed nicely! So far, so good and it only gets better.

Seeing DaVinci is so natural. He has told the hotel I am coming and has bought Russian beers for us (Once upon a time, in Miami ;). We both have work to do for the next couple hours, but at least we are together. Finally motivating ourselves to go out and explore, DaVinci is just as excited to show me this city as he is in Medellin. He even wants me to meet his friends here! We meet up with (we shall call him) Andrew at his apartment for a hot minute. This kid works for one of the richest businessmen in the world. Extremely interesting background and work. It’s nice to be around one of DaVinci’s good friends from when he was a teenager and to see him proud of us together. It’s perfect.

Hunger is getting the best of me so we zip down to a trendy restaurant and shopping area, Zone T. Wandering around aimlessly with him is wonderful. Eventually, we settle on Wok, a really good Asian chain in the city. We decide to choose Thai and I’m pretty happy we did. The pad Thai was actually pretty authentic! What made me even more happy was the fact that it was 10:30 pm on a Thursday and people were still out for dinner! I like this city already. We head back because we both have to get up early for work.

The morning is sweet complete with breakfast, but of course we are saying goodbye again. But it’s ok, I will see him in like 48 hours. Tranquila.



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