Infatuation at its finest.

I’m enjoying the extra sleep and me time since Davinci is on vacation in the jungle with minimum cell service. Attempting to recover from birthday weekend extravaganza, which was great btw. Saturday was filled with mani/pedis, shopping, lots o drinking and street hot dog stand shenanigans. Sunday was an amazing day with literally all the people I know in Medellin for a true blue Mexican BBQ, pool action and me playing Beyoncé all day. Happy birthday to me.

Birthday bbqHeart cake
All week I attempt to stay cool about Davinci. He makes me extremely happy, but I have to remind myself that I still feel a certain way about Colombia and a person can’t change that. Right? I become annoyed at okcupid because it keeps sending me unimaginable messages and date propositions as well as reminds me that Davinci is still an active user. I shrug it off because what does it matter? We have only known each other for a couple of weeks! But I still wonder why I feel this way. I’m usually the one who is in denial and continuing to go on as many dates as possible in order to avoid the unavoidable technicality discussion. I’m the queen of casual. But this feels different…
I whine and groan to most of my friends and they assure me he is probably still on because I am and if you both aren’t actively searching for another and spending most of your time together what does it matter? I of course agree, but thinking and doing are much different ideas.
Davinci comes back Saturday night and I anxiously prepare. I grab groceries and wine and try to finish my homework so we can enjoy time together. I meet him at his place within minutes of his return, and of course it feels natural. I wonder when we won’t feel shiny and new anymore? The honeymoon period can’t last forever.
I promptly ask him to tell me everything about his vacations: the beaches, the waterfalls, his friends. I get two glasses of wine in before I remember I’m starving. Chinese take out it is. Yum yum yum. I’m so distracted by my infatuation with this man that I forget to order an egg roll! The girl who is obsessed with egg rolls- who once wrote a haiku about the fried bundles of goodness! He must be amazing to distract me from the order.
I yearn for egg rolls.
So crispy, warm and saucy.
Egg rolls for life-yum!
The next 24 hours plus goes by with plenty of homebody goodness and Halloween festivities. It’s a really rainy Sunday so we only leave the house to buy the pumpkins and beer. It’s his first time carving, so I get to show off a little, but of course his comes out like a professional Google image for “amazingly perfect and scary pumpkin carving” and mine comes out as the mildly slow clown. Davinci and his deliciousness help me toast the pumpkin seeds and make a ridiculously tasty and spicy pumpkin soup. I sadly leave him with a backpack full of all our creations from the weekend.
Pumpkin cookingCoffee Leos
He is off to bogota for work, but extending through the weekend to spend the holiday with me 🙂 4 more days until I meet a new city and am reunited with my familiar lover.

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