OkCupid strikes again!

Things have changed. It is now autumn in NY and Boston. It is now the alleged rainy season in Medellin. My life is now feeling more fulfilling, for more reasons than one. It began with getting more comfortable with friends here. Then turned into finding those daily routine things like grocery shopping, packing my lunch, finding a manicurist, etc. Now, I have a friend outside of work, which I never thought was possible in Medellin.

We shall call him DaVinci. And he is amazing.
After the wine festival, we were forced to prolong our second date for a week because he had to be away for work. I think this was good for a variety of reasons, the largest being the fact that we genuinely had to talk with each other in the in between. Davinci is just sincerely thoughtful. He would text me daily, but not in the annoying, petulant way, but in a natural rhythm rather. He told me about places he wanted to take me and shared music he thought I would like. I couldn’t wait until his return to my bowl (Medellin).
Leo Arepa
Friday came quickly thank goodness, but of course trying to get home took an ice age because of traffic. Davinci met me at my place for a before dinner drink with plans to explore a new part of town. Unfortunately or fortunately, (depending on how you look at it) we couldn’t get a cab, because of said traffic and ended up going to my favorite restaurant, that happened to be within walking distance.
Conversation came so easily and we connected on so many life values and goals. Everything just felt so natural. I knew I was infatuated.
We then spent the next 10 days together. Everyday without fail, we would meet up for dinner, a new adventure, concerts, events, shopping, anything and everything. It didn’t feel needy or desperate, just good.
AquariumCooking together
He even came to a work dinner party with me after our plans for a music festival fell through and we ended the day early after visiting the aquarium. No matter what we’re doing, it’s perfect. Of course, he had to leave town again because he actually has friends here and is able to enjoy vacations with them.
Hopefully these four days while he is away will allow me to take the space I need to understand what this intense tryst means.

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