I’m not sure I can handle all the men with names that end in vowels…

I continue to see Bert daily at my work building. And we continue to not acknowledge each other, despite his awkward “how are you” texts…I just can’t figure out how he can be so stupid. Anyway, I need to get back on the horse. I have a Sunday date planned, which is different…The plan is to go to a festival and I’m only semi looking forward to it. I’m a little skeptical and hesitant to put in effort, but it’s in a new part of town and it wouldn’t kill me to meet someone new.

I start my Sunday like any other with an early ciclovia walk and Spanish lessons. I meet my date at the nearby Subway (the sandwich restaurant), duh. Immediately, I feel positive because he is full of smiles. He just seems like a genuinely happy person. We hop in a cab and off we go to the festival.

We shall call him DaVinci.

I always have moments of doubt, where I question if I am going to be kidnapped or not, but this guy seems innocent enough. He was thoughtful enough to get wine glasses from a friend who went to the festival the previous night, so that we didn’t have to pay extra fees. He also politely pays for the taxi ride and my entrance fee. I assure him I will get him a drink or food.


We begin exploring the festival and I quickly realize this is not like something in the U.S. There are plenty of wine vendors, but of course there is some quirky schedule for tastings. So we give up and just buy a bottle to split while we talk and get to know each other. Conversation is flowing and we are mutually enjoying the Colombian history lessons I am receiving.

Then, I see Bert.

I am almost positive he sees me, but then again doesn’t he every day and we still don’t say hello so today is no different. Immediately, I sigh with relief.


DaVinci and I wander around to find food and the sangria. We witness a faux opera being put on by custodians and security officers and circle around to buy more wine on our way out. By this time we are feeling good and have already been scolded for too much PDA, which I didn’t think was a thing in Latin America.


As we stand at the top of the stairs strategizing what is next, Bert approaches us. He has plenty of nosy questions and I can’t tell if he is smirking or if he is just being his normal awkward self. Davinci explains that no we don’t work together, but that he has his own company. We survive the exchange and leave arm in arm. 🙂

This date seems promising, but you can’t fool me twice.




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