Oh Medellin, how you love to toy with my heart…

So I know I have been pretty hopeless lately, but receiving some tough love from Boston has helped kick me into shape. The motto now is to fight harder. So here I am, fighting for some resemblance of the person I know I am.

Enter, OkCupid Medellin. A couple things:

  1. There are about 7 men that just keep coming up in the “quickmatch” rotation
  2. There are a hell of a lot of gringo’s
  3. There are far too many people from places like Italy, Israel, Costa Rica, U.S. messaging me: “Hi, how are you?”

okcupidOkcupid 2

Okcupid 3Okcupid 4

So as you can imagine, the pickings are slim, but I need to give it a chance. So date number one is set up. We text back and forth for a few days making plans and decide to meet on Friday because we both want to go to the same event, but with our own friends on Saturday. The day of the date while trying to plan when and where to meet up, I figure out he works in the same work building as me…This is Medellin. Super small. I try to think of it as a good sign and go with the flow. We shall call him Bert.

We head out from work together and decide on going to the easy and infamous Parque Lleras for drinks and dinner. The date is going really well and he is pretty intoxicating. His story is so interesting and he is very smart and driven, which is very attractive to me. We go to several places throughout the night, him showing me some of his favorite spots. The date ends well with kisses and promises of seeing each other the next day.

All day, I am smiles, relishing in stories from the date with friends. Similar to when I was riding in Alejandro’s Range Rover, I thought, this could be the turning point. Maybe I have found someone who gets me in which I can have fun with. Think again.

Arriving at the event with friends, I promptly recognize Bert, the person who not only works in my building but the guy I just spent 6+ hours with. My two friends and I approach him and his group and we give each other a cordial hello, how are you. I wish I could say more, but that is honestly all that I got. Super awkward, but I’m trying to give him the benefit of the doubt. We only went on one date. We were both with our friends. We barely know each other.


The whole night, we sit about two tables away from each other and nothing. It’s like we have never met before. I immediately feel like I am in middle school again. How ridiculous that he is so awkward he can’t even entertain a conversation with me. I don’t seem to remember him being so quiet the night before. Of course I receive a text around 11 saying he is looking for me to dance, but I can’t even comprehend the lack of respect he has shown. He could have asked for a dance any time during the 3 hours we sat in view of each other. Frick him.

The cherry on top is that I had never seen him before in my life at my work building. Now, I see him every GD day. Bliss.


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