I have purpose.

I wake up happy to hear our house main and her son in the house beginning to make breakfast. The house just gets a little too crazy when she doesn’t come all weekend. Waking up is hard. I definitely had a few too many beers in addition to the wine. I forget my body can’t handle that anymore. It needs to be conditioned again.

I shower and eat breakfast so I can quickly get outside to play the “let me flag down every bus until the right one passes by” game. The plan for the day is mani, pedi’s and possibly a museum visit.

Several buses pass by and I eventually settle for one going near the area I am going, because I have never again seen the bus that does the full circle that I happened to take a couple weeks ago. About 3 minutes into the bus ride, the driver attempts to communicate to me that we both need to get off the bus. I eventually figure out that his shift is over, but he flags down the next bus and tells them I have already paid. Great!

I watch my google dot on the map and get off when I need to, finding my way on foot to the coffee shop to meet my friend. We waste a bit of time walking around until the nail place can take us. It’s the smallest nail salon I have been in, with two high-chair looking spots to get our manicures and pedicures in. 

The whole experience is great and the quality of the job is on par and at 25,000 pesos ($15 with tip), you can’t beat the price. We meet another friend at the restaurant next door and have amazing salads and juices. It’s pouring at this point and we just want to curl up and relax the rest of the day. 


I agree to run errands with my friend who is returning to Boston the next day, so jealous. However, I am able to see parts of the city I haven’t been to yet including city center (where I am at risk of drug soaked pieces of paper being passed to me) and then to a very high class mall, that feels like it could be found in South Carolina.

After accomplishing our tasks, we get back home and settle in to watch a movie, The Lunchbox. Movie was excellent, but left us hungry for more information and also some real food. The Bogota Brewing Company is packed, but we manage to find a small table, some good beer and some chicken fingers a la French fries.


Sunday morning I wake up early to make it to spinning class, then head to Spanish class. So much purpose. I even manage to coordinate meeting up with a few friends at a coffee shop for the day! As I write this, I feel tired from all the increase in physical and social activity, but I also feel relieved to have this dilemma.

Things are picking up for me and I am slowly finding my own space. I still don’t love it here, but I can’t deny that it isn’t getting easier.



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