Finally, some independence!

Spanish lessons are still happening, but I am always so exhausted by them. I work all day and arrive with the inability to stop yawning. It’s so funny how Thursdays used to be the best in Boston. I was able to act like a student again and go out and act irresponsibly with no repercussions. Now I can’t wait to get home after my lesson at 730 and crawl into bed. My adult sized bed (I had a twin in Boston).

Big Bed

I walk into the house and my house mom is actually home, which is a rarity. She offers me her leftovers from lunch, which she tells me is from a new restaurant in the neighborhood and she thought of me while there. J She helps me heat up my food and keeps me company while I eat. Our conversation is quite fruitful despite the language barrier. I tell her how it’s hard because all of my friends are gringo’s and I don’t like that. So in turn she immediately calls a friend of hers who is apparently the same age as me and might be willing to be my friend! I have yet to meet this person. Perfect example of how Medellin social scene works. All promises, no action.

Friday morning I have to wake up early to go to my health consultation at the gym. The plan was to go earlier in order to work out a bit before getting measured. I only manage a 15-minute head start, but hey, it’s better than nothing.

The consultation is less than pleasant. Standard procedures like weighing in and measuring happens, but then the calipers come out. Yikes. This shit is aggressive. She plugs in all my numbers (which I don’t believe in) and writes out a plan for me. Obviously I can’t understand one word of her recommendation so she brings me out to find a gym go-er who speaks English.

Sebastion then translates to me that I can’t do any high impact jumping until I lose weight and that I should probably stick to dancing. Ok great.

I leave feeling deflated. I really don’t care about numbers. I LOVE my body. And if we are being real here, girls in Colombia pay good money to get an ass like mine.

Fun, Fearless & Free
Fun, Fearless & Free

Moving on. I take my time getting ready because I need it. I need the mental space before I have to converse with the taxi driver. Before I have to figure out how to pick up my id at the immigration office. Before I arrive at work and have to look at my list of lists.

The taxi driver easily enough knows where I need to go and even offers to wait for me while I go inside so he can bring me back to Poblado. I am skeptical that this is a good thing, but decide to have faith. Picking up my Colombian id only takes about 10 minutes and feels awesome. Sure enough, my taxi driver is waiting and I am able to communicate where the coffee shop is (Instiglio’s office for the day).

The day is filled with independence. The gym. The immigration office. Even moving seamlessly between the coffee shop and the office for meetings. I decide to keep riding on the wave and invite everyone over for dinner and drinks since I have the house to myself again. Or so I think.

While I am in the grocery store picking up ingredients to cook Thai food, the skies open up and cry. The rain is loud and the store begins to crowd. I decide to make a run for it since my house is only about 100 feet away. It’s really not that bad. I didn’t melt or anything.

Excited to be hosting, I start prepping the food and crank the tunes in the kitchen. Everyone arrives around the same time and it’s so nice having the friendly faces, laughter and of course wine.

We decide to invite new friends over who bring more alcohol and also, drinking games. The introductions and drinks flow on the balcony, but we decide to move inside once the chill from the rain moves in.

Things heat up fast and we all get to know each other that much more in a short period of time. At about 1:30 am, the door to the apartment opens and we all look in wonder. It’s my house mom! She didn’t go to the finca and is thrilled to see everyone having fun at home! She immediately asked why the music wasn’t hooked up to the sound system.


I was so happy to crawl into bed at 3 am after sending everyone off. Finally, I have had a tipsy social night that feels somewhat normal!


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