It’s Friday! And a co-worker who is really in love with Medellin vows to show me her world in Medellin since I expressed that I wasn’t too convinced. She is bringing me to yoga after work and I’m really looking forward to seeing another side of Medellin.

Yoga is pretty advanced in terms of spirituality and breathing. It’s also a nice long class, all in Spanish. I feel as though my focus was much better and my mind was more quiet because I couldn’t understand anything. The instructors voice was melodic and the whole experience was very different than any yoga I have ever done.

All of Medellin is loud. No matter if you live in a residential neighborhood or city center. The studio is located in what I hear is Medellin’s version of middle class and even though the yoga studio is nestled between apartment buildings, the sounds of car alarms, mufflers, foot traffic and someone practicing opera singing flood through the windows. 

The language and city noise are actually a nice compliment to the yoga practice., which will be followed by a workshop on laughter led by an alleged clown.

I head back to my co-workers apartment and we grab dinner. Stuffed arrepas. Amazing. Enough said. This is the street food I have been looking for. Enough of this $20 faux cuisine bullshit. I’ll save my money for real pizza in America.

Arrepa Stand

I take the one-hour metro ride and taxi to meet up with other work friends for drinks at the local watering hole. It is nice that everyone shows up to socialize from work and they seem to truly enjoy each other’s company. I just fear that this much of work and pleasure will be bad…

I get home pretty late and am reminded that my house mom is in the country for the weekend. The house, all to myself. A 3 day weekend to enjoy my alone time, because I just don’t get enough. Sarcasm. I think Americans invented it.

El Social


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