I’m Tired.

Week 3 begins. Today feels like a crying day. I miss my friends. I miss the love I felt in Boston. I am feeling no motivation at work. I can barely focus on anything besides holding back tears.

I am entrenched in music that understands me and am searching for inspiration anywhere. Monday comes and goes.


Tuesday I manage to connect with a co-worker who seems to identify with a lot of the feelings I am experiencing. Extreme extrovert living in a socially incapable city. My worst nightmare. That night we plan to try a new pizza place after my Spanish lesson.

I make it to my new weeknight tutor. Classes happen upstairs in a hair salon (I just gravitate towards these places) and lucky for me, my teacher is practically my neighbor and is able to drive me home after lessons! I take her up on the offer so I can change and drop off my work stuff before pizza J

The pizza place is ultra cute with outdoor seating, tasty cheap wine and unique pizza topping combinations. I make it there and back easy enough with taxi’s. I am getting better with addresses and directions! Good for me.

The week feels like it’s dragging, but I have a farewell dinner to look forward to tonight. Two of the girls in the office are returning to Boston for their second year of graduate school. I envy them. I miss my Boston. I take time to craft an email of all my favorite spots in Boston for them to explore and it instantly brightens my mood J

Dinner is at an Indian restaurant in the heart of Parque Llerras, the tourist area. Here you can find all walks of life, all types of cuisine and many different languages. But you’ll notice that people can speak English, they just choose not to. It’s good and bad.

Lassi :)

Medellin has kept its culture and genuineness despite all of the backpackers and tourists looking for economic opportunities or the chance to meet a beautiful Colombian woman. However, it has remained quite exclusive and un-accepting of new faces. The city allows them to partake in opportunities that feed Medellin capital, but never to be part of the city’s real landscape. They are only temporary deals. It’s made for transients. There are no permanent spots available (socially or professionally).

The family style Indian dinner is delicioso, but like I keep saying, things are just as expensive here as in the US! We each paid a little over $20 dollars and no one had alcohol… Oh well. It was nice to be out and with people. I wish the two girls were staying because I really enjoyed them!!!

I get home late and my house mom isn’t even home. I love her because she is a social butterfly and it gives me hope. Thursday morning I wake up and realize I still have my Spanish homework to do…maybe my work friends can help me…

I am so exhausted and this week is still dragging. After class, I immediately crawl into bed. I get a good 8 hours of sleep.


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