Seriously though…what’s my blood type?!

Friday morning starts as exciting as all the other mornings this week. I get a text 15 minutes before I am supposed to easytaxi, that there will be no carpool because there are early am meetings. Ok, cool. I know how to take the bus. And metro.

Luckily, I was smart enough to make my coffee first thing this morning so I would have a chance to actually drink it before I begin the day. Getting to the bus stop is easy. I receive plenty of “Buenos dias’s.” The hard part is patiently waiting 15 minutes for the right bus to come barreling down the hill. Pleasantly enough, once I arrive at the metro, I notice they are playing Adele. Three whole songs go by from her first album, 19.

I get to work on time and start diligently on all of my tasks to finish for the week. It’s hard to believe I have only been in this position for 5 days, but I am excited for my responsibilities here to grow.

The outdoor workspaces and natural fauna make productivity come quick. The change of environment is inspiring and the sound of the city and traffic fuel my focus.

Lunch is spent at the local vegetarian restaurant and I feel ravenous. Probably to prepare me for the hunt for blood…types. 

I realize if I want to go Monday morning with another Spanish speaking colleague, for my ID card, I need to find proof of my blood type and frantically call my mom to see if she knows anything about it. Thankfully, my mom is a very sentimental person and apparently saved everything from the hospital when she had me.

I guess I have a pretty rare blood type, which is great to know! Thanks, America for listing it on my important documents/a receipt that was scribbled out.

My challenge for the weekend is to make copies of everything for my ID card appointment Monday. Vamos!


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