I got this.

I don’t take defeat easily. Honestly, yesterday was hard, but I think I have landed on my feet.

Today I will try the taxi carpool once again. I have been instructed to leave 10 minutes later, so my instincts tell me to take 15. I use the easytaxi app, I talk to my co-worker and tell her I will be there in five minutes; I am on my way.

Upon arrival at her building, I tell the security guard to call her and tell her to come. He oddly tells the taxi driver and I to go wait in the parking area, but I try to think nothing of it. Ten minutes pass and both the driver and I are anxious. I decide to get out and ask this man again where she is and he gets on the phone to call her. Is this the first call? Has she not known I was here this entire time? Keep in mind, I haven’t done part 3 of phone activation yet: charge phone with $25 worth of data plan, so I can’t contact her myself.

Five more minutes go by and she appears. Apparently there was miscommunication and the security guard thought I was telling him I already called her…So another unnecessary 15 minutes of time and taxi meter have passed, but we are on our way to work. My co-worker is less than happy, but still not as agitated as when I was early, thank gosh.

The day drags by for some reason. I just can’t seem to focus. Probably worried about if I will ever get a hang of life outside of work. I stay at work late to make up for the procrastinating I did all day and finally make my way to the train.

I wait for the proper naranja (orange) line, which won’t breeze by my metro stop. The only thing fighting my exhaustion is the hope of skyping with friends for one of their birthdays. I confidently get on the bus with my neighborhood listed on the bus. We wait somewhat patiently for the bus to fill so we can be on our way.

Since I am taking the bus at a completely different time than usual (usual, like I have been living here forever. I have to remind myself it’s only been 5 days), I think nothing of the new route we are taking. Things still look familiar, so whatever, right?

No. I am the second to last passenger to exit and we are now quite far off from my address. I incoherently ask the bus driver if he will be going to my neighborhood and he looks confused and suggests taxi. Yup.

I manage to get a taxi and even direct him on how to get to mi casa. Funny how I am capable of that, but not realizing I need to pay attention to the bus stops facing outwards on the paper posted in the window, not those facing inwards.

The only thing that saves the day is the smiles and gratefulness I feel when I talk with my friends still in Boston. Talking with them helps remind me of how awesome our lives are. This is it. We are it. Medellin is happening.


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