A shot in the ass for hump day!

Today is the day I will transition my iPhone into the land of Colombia. Or so I think.

Do you all remember that mysterious bite/sting I received in the country on Sunday? Well…it hasn’t gotten better. It’s far worse. I am literally limping on my way home at the end of the day. My ankle is swollen and now bruising from this alleged bite. My friend and her mom think it may be an infected insect bite, but have convinced me to try the doctor’s to be sure.

I am of course a little defeated, feeling as though I need medical attention in my first week here!! But I can’t lie, I will take anything to relieve the pain… All I can think of is ‘gosh, what if have to amputate my leg or something!’ I agree to fit in the doctor visit before the mobile phone store.

The health clinic is practically a spa with its comfortable lounge area and café. The visit only costs me $30 and whatever medicine I might have to purchase. We are called in quite quickly and the doctor promptly diagnoses my swollen, bruised ankle as an allergic reaction to a wasp sting….She tells me, well my friend actually, that a simple weeks worth of antihistamines will clear the situation right up, but she will give me a shot of medicine to start bringing the swelling down now. Great! Right?

My friend leaves the room so the shot can be administered and a nice young nurse comes in and communicates to me in Spanish that I must turn over because the shot will be in my bum! Whhhaaattttt? My weird Asian exclamations kick in and I start reciting ‘oy’ until she looks at me and mimics a deep breath, letting me know the shot is happening. I still can’t believe I just got a shot in my ass. I didn’t realize people still did that. Isn’t there a better way? Why my butt?

Again 3 steps, that will span days, for the cure to my ankle: 1. Buy the allegra 2. Get medicinal cream from friends’ mom instead of buying the pharmacy brand 3. Buy sunscreen, cheaper at the grocery store, to protect against side effects of the cream I will get from mom.

I end up paying more for the Allegra than I do the visit and we are on our way to Movistar mobile phone company. This is another experience in the three-part series that Colombia specializes in. 1. Buy SIM card for Colombian phone number 2. Activate phone by calling Apple and figuring out what iTunes ID I used to activate in the beginning 3. Charge the phone at a pharmacy with, $25 for 2GB of data for the month until I can get my ID card and buy a plan.

Work felt as though it began at 830 am, but I am just sitting down at my desk as lunchtime arrives. I stay back to catch up, but am in serious caffeine withdrawal. I attempt to get coffee before my next meeting, but of course that takes 14 minutes longer than needed and I am late. Thank goodness I was able to make up for it with asking a really awesome question.

Even though my day has felt infinite, I decide to wander around the shopping plaza, 5 minutes walking distance from my house, for a new bag that covers all my goods that can be robbed from me and for flashcards to study Spanish vocab. Neither of which are a success, but I do manage to get some Lebanese take out to enjoy. Another day in Medellin under my belt.

P.S. You’re lucky I didn’t post a photo of the ankle. Instead this gorgeously huge dog that found me while shopping!


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