The Countryside of Medellin

Sunday morning I was prepared for a full day trip to the countryside where everyone who matters in Medellin goes for the weekends, leaving Saturday nights in the city a bore. Instead I woke up late, still exhausted from the learning, the move and maybe even the rain. Actually, I think the big bed helped in tempting me to sleep longer! Anyways, as soon as I mobilized, we went walking down the hill to the main avenue where they shut down one side of the street, every Sunday, for people interested in running, walking, biking, etc. 🙂

The amount of people was so energizing and even inspired me to think about maybe wanting to run. (Emphasis on think and maybe) I will definitely be back for some kind of outdoor activity though. We made a pit stop for a really delicious breakfast, eggs and asparagus inside a croissant, topped with a delicious cream, then made our way back to get ready for the countryside with my friends foreign friends. I heard foreigners and thought maybe the chance at English, but they are from Spain and also speak Spanish 🙂

As a foreigner with a language barrier, sometimes things are just happening. However, you have no idea what, when, who or how. You just sit there and smile. It was definitely one of those days. It took us quite awhile to get on the road because we were waiting to meet up with a friend for ‘sausage ingredients’ to bring with us. Then we picked up another friend and were finally on our way.

I’m sure this was so normal for my friend and her mother, but I kind of just sat there, practicing my Spanish, wondering what the hell was happening and was I going to be able to open this bottle of wine anytime soon?

The countryside is beautiful. A different side of Medellin and only 30 minutes away. What I’m told is, within 30 minutes, you can find any weather you would like. This seems pretty accurate, except everything in Medellin takes at least 14 extra minutes…

Pulling into the country home was amazing. Using a barely there road, we wound through wild hydrangea gardens, horse pastures and untailored tropic forests. There were fresh eucalyptus trees and vibrantly royal blue birds, with feathers as long as the most elegant of wedding gown trains.

The Spanish friends were ultra chic and cool. An aspiring hip hop/Jazz composer and his producer girlfriend who wore crewneck sweatshirts made by the brand The Hundreds.

The day was filled with lots of Spanish listening, lots of sausage taste testing and lots of yummy wine 🙂 I couldn’t have asked for anymore. Well maybe not to have gotten bitten/stung by something mysterious.


4 thoughts on “The Countryside of Medellin

  1. Ahh my sweetie…I was reading and thinking of me…how I am feeling sometimes…(even if I know more English than you know Spanish)…I just would like to understand everything…and talk, and talk, and maybe say something funny, sometimes I can be funny when I speak Romanian :))… Just learn to be patient… Kiss you


  2. I am from Medellin and now reading your post I miss my weekends there… dando la vuelta a Oriente :)… and the food!!! Thank you for sharing your experiences in my beloved Medellin.


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