Everything is so easy, no?

As I should have believed from the beginning, I arrived at my new home completely safe, with my entire luggage and quite jovial. My friend was there to greet me and settle me in and in natural spirit, I immediately joined her for a night of dancing, drinking and meeting her friends.

We stayed out past two and I had yet to meet her mother. Still scared out of my mind on whether she will like me or not. I slept like a baby in my new room, my own mini apartment rather: an adult size bed, a television, a sitting area, one whole corner of sliding glass doors that let gorgeous light and warm breeze through, the closet that leads to the natural lit bathroom. Question, why are all showers here so sexy?

The next morning, I woke up and exited my bedroom with the same fear I had felt when arriving in Colombia. Is my friend’s mom going to like me?! I sweat through the introduction and gift giving process as well as meeting their maid; her and her six-year-old son are basically part of the family. The introduction seemed to go well, so I promptly started unpacking while complimenting the whole house the entire time to my new housemother 😉

After enjoying two traditional home cooked meals prepared by Cecilia, (eggs and arepas for breakfast and ajieco for lunch-food post to come separate) my friend decided she would drive me around to different parts of the city to show me all Medellin had to offer. I couldn’t believe how similar it was to Thailand and America in so many ways, but in the same token, everything worked differently. This I would soon learn.

Anything you wanted, you can find. It might not be accessible via public transportation, but things were not myths. There really is a Hard Rock Café here. It is possible to find a Dunkin Donuts. They have a Gap!

The actual city is quite large, spanning the entire valley and up the sides of the bowl, but Medellin is a very small in regards to people. Everyone knows each other. We discovered a new coffee shop, Velvet, which is apparently owned by the initial donor of my start-up organization that I will be working for this year. While we were enjoying some much-needed caffeine, that particular donor appeared to do some work as well as a co-worker!

I felt exhausted from everything I was learning. We returned to rest and that’s when the rain started. The thunderstorm lasted through the night and was a perfect excuse to order in. Sushi was the consensus.


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